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Vitamin D3 K2 Liquid Drops Premium Immune Support Helps Support Strong Bones&Healthy Heart

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Item Type:Organic Vitamin D3 K2 Supplement Drops
Net Content:50ml
Maintain strong bones
Boost immune support
Support muscle function
Boost your metabolism
Support heart health
Increase energy level.

1.Powerful Combination - Vitamin D3+ K2 are natural partners. Most people know the benefits of vitamin D (maintaining strong bones, immune system support, healthy muscle function, etc.), But many people don't realize that the benefits of vitamin D are enhanced when combined with vitamin K2. Our powerful D3 + K2 formula is designed to help optimize your health.

2.vitamin D3 K2 is a natural vegetarian supplement for vitamin D3 and vitamin K2(as MK-7).It can not only maintain the supplement of daily vitamins, stabilize the immune system, but also promote the growth and development of bones, protect the health of the heart and make yourself have a healthy and strong physique.

3.Sublingual Oral Drops: liquid form of vitamin D3 + K2, easy for people to absorb and use. For vegetarians and vegetarians, it is difficult to get enough D3, but vitamin D3 + K2 can continuously supplement vitamin D3 for people.

1.Vitamin K2+D3, together with calcium and magnesium, can promote the recovery and regeneration of diseased teeth, prevent fractures, and help improve bone health. That's why vitamin k2d3 is usually taken together with calcium and magnesium.

2.vitamin K2 + D3 Supplement Drops, made with organic extra virgin olive oil, each containing 10000 international units of bioactive D3 and 200 micrograms of K2 vitamin (MK-7), help you get enough of this healthy nutritional vitamin.

Package Include:
1 bottle Vitamin D3+K2 Drops


Lotus leaf, Winter melon, Cassia seed, Hawthorn, Double red rose, Dandelion Leaf, Nettle Leaf, Lemon Grass, Green tea